Maurice POTIER (1926-2002) 

This self-taught Liège artist depicts landscapes, characters, still lifes and seascapes. His paintings are a hymn to color. The shapes are simple, devoid of any detail. Swept with a knife, the paint is applied in a thick layer giving relief to the painting immersed in large areas of flat colors. The artist does not hesitate to contrast yellows, oranges, bright reds and black in the same composition. The scenes are often intimate, animated by long, calm, faceless figures. The colors are in the foreground, for a radiant and vivid painting.

Maurice Potier was a member of the Royal Circle of Fine Arts of Liège and of the Royal Association of Professional Artists of Belgium.

He has exhibited in Brussels (B.P. gallery, Présence gallery) and in the Liège area (NOW gallery, Cercle Royal des Beaux-Art).

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